Why Choose CRISL?


  • Oldest and first ever multinational rating agency operating in Bangladesh from 1995
  • Initiated and founded the Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia (ACRAA) in 2002



  • Oldest and first ever rating agency operating in Bangladesh licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Bangladesh.
  • Recognized by the regulators such as Securities and Exchange Commission of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Bank, Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority, in addition to all the schedule banks operating in the country.
  • CRISL CEO is the Chairman of the coveted Training committee of ACRAA.


 Neutrality and Professionalism

  • Rating Committee consist of unbiased professionals free of political influence.
  • Highly qualified Analytical Team.



  • CRISL follows International and Regional standard methodologyand standard rating process which are checked by Independent Compliance Officer.
  • CRISL Directors are in no way related with CRISL rating.
  • CRISL Rating Committee is independent of the CRISL Board of Directors.


 Market Acceptance and Brand Value

  • CRISL ratings have time and again been proven to be accurate.
  • CRISL opinions have proven to improve the business performance
  • Though initially many clients get dissatisfied with CRISL’s Neutral Rating, later on the rating proves to be precise and timely.