Team Structure

CRISL Professional Team

CRISL team of professionals is headed by Mr. Muzaffar Ahmed FCMA, FCS, a professional Management Accountant of repute having 35 years of experience at home and abroad on various financial and economic fields. He is also a noted academician and represented the nation in various international seminars held in different countries. In his professional team, Mr. Ahmed is aided by a number of Senior Management Professionals and an excellent analytical team. The analytical rigor and entire office system of CRISL is supported by a strong IT infrastructure supervised by an experienced IT team.

Business Development Team

CRISL Business Development Team consists of young and enterprising professionals who are experienced in service marketing. The team covers all over the country.

Rating Team

CRISL Rating Team consists of minimum two analysts having appropriate knowledge and experience of carrying out a quality rating. While framing a rating team, CRISL collects declaration from the members that they are eligible to be a member of the rating team as per the guideline of Bangladesh Bank and CRISL Ethical Code which interalia, warrants that a professional must not have any relation with the entity proposed to be rated, free from all conflict of interest and none of his relatives are serving in the company.

Internal Review Committee (IRC)

IRC consists of both senior and mid level professionals having knowledge and experience in the rating sector. The members of IRC are aware of rating requirement, related methodology, compliance requirements and they are selected as per CRISL Ethical Code and free from all conflict of interest.

Rating Committee

sectoral expert. The RC members are well versed on CRISL rating system, international rating norms with wide knowledge on the economy and its sectors. The rating awarded by the RC is final. The RC is independent and the Board of CRISL does not have any role/influence on the RC.