PI Ratings

As a part of compliance requirement of Bangladesh Bank, CRISL has released the ratings of the following non-life insurance companies, pharmaceuticals & cement sector companies on the basis of the Public Information (PI) as published by the companies in its Annual Report, Annual financial statements upto December 31, 2014 and other available published information.

The above mentioned ratings lack some relevant quantitative as well as qualitative information which might have impact on the ratings.

CRISL released following PI ratings

Sector Name  Name of  the Company   Claim Paying Ability (CPA)  Rating
Agrani Insurance Company Ltd. (PI) A-
Non-life Insurance Asia Pacific Gen Insurance Co. Ltd. (PI) A-
Bangladesh General Insurance Co. Ltd. (PI) A
 Eastern Insurance Company Ltd. (PI) A
Global Insurance Ltd. (PI) BBB+
Green Delta Insurance Co. Ltd. (PI) AA
Islami Insurance Bangladesh Ltd. (PI) BBB+
Janata Insurance Company Ltd. (PI) BBB
 Karnaphuli Insurance Company Ltd. (PI) A
Mercantile Insurance Company Ltd. (PI) A
Northern General Insurance Company Ltd. (PI) BBB+
Pragati Insurance Ltd. (PI) A+
 Pramount Insurance Company Ltd. (PI) BBB+
 Provati Insurance Company Ltd. (PI) BBB+
 Republic Insurance Company Ltd. (PI) BBB+
Sonar Bangla Insurance Company Ltd. (PI) A-
Standard Insurance Ltd. (PI) BBB+


Sector Name Name of  the Company PI Rating
Long Term Short Term
Pharmaceuticals Renata Limited (PI) AA (PI) ST-2
The Ibn Sina Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd. (PI) A- (PI) ST-3
GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited (PI) A+ (PI) ST-3
Cement M.I. Cement Factory Limited (PI) A+ (PI) ST-3
HeidelbergCement Bangladesh Limited (PI) AA- (PI) ST-2
Lafarge Surma Cement Limited (PI) AA- (PI) ST-2