How CRISL Rating Benefits You?



A Professional Opinion

  • CRISL rating is a professional, best- judged and independent opinion on your organization or on your issue based on detailed analysis and research.
  • CRISL analytical Team consist of high level multi faceted Financial Analysts supported by the expertise of joint venture partner rating agencies of Malaysia and Pakistan.
  • CRISL opinions have proved to be of highly valuable to improve the business performance


Regulatory Recognition

  • CRISL is the oldest and first ever multinational rating agency operating in Bangladesh licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Bangladesh.
  • CRISL ratings are recognized by the regulators such as Securities and Exchange Commission of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Bank, Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority, in addition to all the schedule banks operating in the country.
  • CRISL is the first recognized External Credit Assessment Institute (ECAI) under Basel-II to carry out banking client rating for capital adequacy determination of Banks.



  • CRISL is an independent rating agency promoted by other leading rating agencies of Asia – JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company Ltd of Pakistan, Faysal Bank Limited of Pakistan the largest merchant bank of the country Investment Corporation of Bangladesh and a host of celebrated professionals.
  • The Rating Committee of CRISL consists of professionals having no link with any business sector.
  • While carrying out rating, CRISL follows international and regional standard methodology, standard rating process which are checked by independent compliance officer.
  • CRISL follows appropriate methodology to avoid conflict of interest at all levels of rating.
  • CRISL Directors are in no way related with CRISL rating.
  • CRISL rating Committee is independent of the CRISL Board of Directors.


Experienced Leadership and Sectoral Coverage 

  • CRISL professional team is headed by a professional Cost and Management Accountant who is the initiator of the concept of credit rating inBangladesh. With about 36 years of experience in teaching, research, consultancy in the financial and industrial arena, he has been piloting the rating profession in the since 1995.
  • CRISL has so far rated over 1800 entities including of Banks, Financial institutions, Insurance companies and manufacturing and service organizations which has enriched CRISL with one of the largest industrial databases for peer and sectoral analysis.
  • CRISL rating helps the Clients to excel as the client becomes able to compare its performance with its peer and industry performances, which assists them in setting business targets in line with industry requirement.


Market Acceptance

  • CRISL has a significant rating coverage. CRISL ratings have time and again been proven to be accurate. Although many clients initially at the time of rating become dissatisfied with the neutrality of CRISL’s ratings, later on the rating proves to be precise and timely. That has created significant franchise value for CRISL rating.