CRISL Rating Methodology

While rating a particular organization, CRISL follows specific sector-wise rating methodology. The methodologies have been designed after due consideration to the specific insights of each sector with appropriate weightage to both qualitative and quantitative factors of each sector. The qualitative and quantitative factors are converted to specific traits with appropriate weightage for highest performance, lowest performance, industrial average etc. to arrive at a meaningful rating of an organization. CRISL methodologies covers Banks, Financial institutions, Micro Finance Institutions, Insurance Sector (both General and life), Telecommunication sector, Mortgage Back securitization, Asset backed Securitization, Zero- Coupon Bonds etc.

List of Methodologies:
list_19  Bank and Financial Institutions list_19  Merchant Banks
list_19  Microfinance Institutions list_19  Manufacturing Corporate
list_19  General Insurance list_19  Securities Firm
list_19  Airlines list_19  Life Insurance
list_19  Asset Backed Securities list_19  Bank Loan / Facility Rating
list_19  Government Support Entities list_19  Investment Company
list_19  Trading Concerns list_19  Telecommunication
list_19  SME list_19  Municipality