MST Pharma and Healthcare Ltd.

Name of the Organization: MST Pharma and Healthcare Ltd.
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Long Term: BBB
Short Term: ST-3
Validity Long: 20-Aug-14
Validity Short: 20-Feb-14
Published Date: 10 Sep, 2013
Sector: Corporate
Rating Year: 2013
The Long Term rating indicates that entities rated in this category are adjudged to offer moderate degree of safety for timely repayment of financial obligations. Risk factors are more variable in periods of economic stress than those rated in the higher categories. These entities are however considered to have the capability to overcome the above-mentioned limitations. The Short Term rating indicates good certainty of timely payment. Liquidity factors and company fundamentals are sound. Although ongoing funding needs may enlarge total financing requirements, access to financial markets is good with small risk factors.

CRISL also placed the entity under ‘Stable outlook’ considering that the company might be able to maintain the above fundamentals during the rating validity period.