CRISL Services

CRISL is a credit rating agency and as such its services are within the credit rating and related areas.
CRISL services consist of the following:

  • Corporate/ entity rating for direct listing or for IPO at premium
  • Bank/ financial institution rating
  • Insurance claim paying ability rating
  • Bank counter party rating
  • Bank loan exposure/ Facility rating
  • Rating of the structured products such as Zero Coupon Bonds. Mortgage backed or asset backed securities, debentures, preference share financings, subordinated debt products,securitized transactions.
  • Project financing ratings
  • Micro Finance rating
  • MFI- social impact rating
  • Educational Institution Rating
  • Corporate Governance Rating

In addition to rating services CRISL:

  • offers extensive training in the corporate and financial sectors
  • provides consultancy services
  • sells database products on the economy sebject to some terms and conditions