Credit Rating Process

Step by Step process

  1. 1_1 CRISL performs both solicited and unsolicited ratings. In case of solicited rating, the total rating process takes approximately two to three weeks (depending on the sector), upon the condition that CRISL has received all relevant data and information. In the case of SME rating, it takes at best one week to complete the assignment.  The rating process starts after the entity has signed a contract with CRISL and has provided with information and detailed schedules.
  2. 2_2The rating task is assigned to a rating team. The team is comprised of minimum two analysts. The rating team formally approach the client for primary information through a set Questionnaire with a given timeframe.
  3. 5_5
    The rating team collates and analyzes information collected from the client as well as from CRISL Database and takes into consideration of the information from Market and Client. The team interacts with client, visits site and analyzes data submitted by the Client. The rating team organizes interview with various professional group and simultaneously interacts, exchanges views with them and prepares Draft Report and forwards the same to Internal Review Committee (IRC) to double check the documents and information on which the analysts prepared the rating report.
  4. 3_3
    After receiving feedback from IRC, rating team forwards a copy of the report to the client for verification, comment and factual confirmation in the report with full supporting data/information. The Client also provides valuable feedback, which is incorporated into the report. The rating team then forwards the report to the Internal Review Committee for final review. The Committee reviews the Report, takes into consideration of the comment of the client, proposes an initial rating and the report is finally placed before the Rating Committee.
  5. 4_4The Rating Committee reviews the report and awards final ratings. If the client accepts the report, it is published. If the client is not satisfied with the rating, it may appeal for rating review within one week of rating declaration, with the reasons for not accepting the rating. Rating Committee considers the appeal if it has sufficient valid grounds that has overlooked earlier and convenes a meeting having at least a new member in the Committee; The Rating Committee awards the final rating. After the rating decision, rating is disclosed in CRISL website for public viewing. In case of rating of a listed entity, rating decision is immediately informed to BSEC, DSE, & CSE within one hour of such decision.


A pictorial format of the rating process:

crisl rating process